Yoga Nidra

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Yoga Nidra is an ancient relaxation/meditation technique that trains the body, mind and emotions to be completely relaxed and completely aware at the same time.  The student is guided through the practice by the use of breathing techniques, tension/relaxation, visualization, affirmations and sacred sound.  All the student has to do is to lie down or sit, close their eyes, relax, listen, and follow the instructions.

The practice of yoga nidra guides you into a spacious realm of inner peace where your own true nature is revealed, a place of blissful serenity where your reactions to life become loosened and released and you become the silent observer of your life without choosing right or wrong or being for or against anything or anyone.  The body-mind-emotions become aligned and balanced and blockages are released. The more you inhabit this space of joyous peace the easier it is to get there, the longer you can stay there until you essentially dwell in a place of spacious peace and serenity.

When the body and mind inhabit the deep relaxed state of Yoga Nidra affirmations can be planted directly into the subconscious mind.  It is only when the body and mind are deeply relaxed that healing and balance can occur.

Yoga Nidra acts as a preventative self care system by removing emerging energy blocks before they rigidify into major blockages and disease.

Similar to the deepest state of meditation yoga nidra is typically practiced lying down although it can also be performed in a seated position if lying down is not an option. 

Yoga Nidra is taught by Bryn Walsh a Certified Yoga Nidra instructor.

Yoga Nidra was featured in the Boston Globe Health and Wellness section on 12/17/2013