Micro-Current Facial Rejuvenation

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Look and Feel Younger.  Experience a new, non-invasive technique to rejuvenate your appearance


Micro-Current Facial Renewal is a non-invasive alternative to a face lift. This protocol was originally based on an acupuncture protocol which regenerated the wrinkled sagging facial muscles of post stroke and Bell's palsy patients. Micro current was then added with better and faster results. It uses a gentle, low frequency electrical current to stimulate the muscles of the face and neck. When the muscles of the face are toned, the skin becomes smoother, wrinkles are reduced, and the face glows.

Micro-current facial renewal:

  • Improves the tone and texture of the skin
  • Relaxes the face and brings out a radiant complexion
  • Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

How many treatments will I need?

Ideally it is recommended that you have two treatments a week for five weeks, to be followed by a maintenance program of once every four to six weeks.

Some people choose to begin with a treatment once a week for ten weeks and follow with a maintenance program of once every four weeks. Depending on your age and the quality of your skin, 1-2 months could elapse before another treatment is needed.

What will I feel?

Some people feel a gentle tingling sensation. Most people find the experience to be both relaxing and pleasurable.

What does a treatment include?

  • Micro-stimulation of face and neck with micro-current
  • Face and neck Tui Na (Chinese massage) with herbal cream
  • Application of pure collagen and elastin or vegetarian alternative
  • dietary and nutritional recommendations

Please remember that each individual's skin is unique and the results may vary.

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"The lines between my eyebrows and around my mouth are diminishing."
— B. Hills

"My pores are finer and my skin tone is better."
— A. Ostrowski

"People have told me I appear younger since I've started the facial renewal treatments. In addition to the visible benefits, the session is a wonderfully relaxing and pampering experience."

— L. Wisman

"This is so incredibly relaxing and the results are way better than micro-derm, or chemical peels and in addition I'm sleeping better."

— Marilyn Z

" I first tried acupuncture face-lifts, then a friend told me about Bryn.  The micro-current is a fantastic alternative to the acupuncture face-lifts, very relaxing, absolutely no pain and my face looks and feels fantastic."

"I did some research online regarding micro-current to improve and revitalize the face and this led me to Bryn's webpage and the micro-current facial rejuvenation.  This is better than anything else I have tried: microderm, botox, regular facials etc.  My face looks better than it has in years, the coloring looks healthier, my pores seem smaller and best of all my face is more lifted."

Jeanine G.