Does acupuncture hurt?
Usually not. The needles are hair-thin and usually painless. Most people find acupuncture to be quite comfortable and relaxing. If a person happens to be very sensitive, they might feel a little pinch on insertion, but your acupuncturist will always work with you to make sure your treatment is comfortable and enjoyable.

What will I experience during my treatment?
Some people feel nothing at all, others feel sensations of heaviness, tingling, warmth or a dull ache in the area surrounding the needle. They also may feel a movement of energy in the channel the point is on. This is a good thing; it means your qi is moving and your body is healing. Most people relax and even fall asleep!

Are the needles sterile?
Yes. The needles are sterile stainless steel and are disposed of after one use.

How should I prepare for a treatment?
Always wear loose, comfortable clothing so that your acupuncturist can access the points needed to treat you. It is also a good idea to have something to eat in the hours before your treatment, as acupuncture can lower blood pressure.

How long is an acupuncture treatment?
Treatments generally last 50 minutes an hour, but a first treatment may be longer to provide time for an initial consult so your acupuncturist can get to know you. The needles should be in for at least a half an hour.

How many treatments will I need?
The number of treatments necessary will depend on many things such as how chronic or complex the condition is, your diet and lifestyle habits, and how often you can come in for acupuncture, as it is normally a cumulative process. Generally, the more you come in, the faster you will see results.