Yoga Testimonials

Bryn Walsh is a marvelous, gifted teacher: patient, inspiring, encouraging and yes, fun.  Bryn has an amazing ability to teach to students of all differing levels.  In my class there were rank beginners (like me) next to advanced, experienced students.  I’m still not sure how she did it, but we all left Bryn’s classes challenged, satisfied, and fulfilled.

 We all miss her in New York!

 Larry Schulz, NYC

Bryn’s yoga class is the best yoga class I have ever taken. I attended her classes in New York in the 80’s.  She is an excellent teacher with a broad knowledge of yoga and body mechanics and a great sense of humor.  She does the best guided relaxation ever. 

June Hays, NYC.

I have never experienced yoga the way the Bryn teaches it.  She guides students to listen to their bodies and make choices of how much, or how little they can do. In my opinion, Bryn is a master yoga instructor, and a well kept secret.

Ruth Gerath, MA

I love Bryn's gentle yoga class.  I learn something new every week and it always works out to be exactly what I need.  I was not able to sit cross-legged when I first began yoga and now I can sit like that for a long time.

I highly recommend her class.

Nancy Ames, MA